Sting 5

Sting 5

The Sting 5 Series are compact audio recorders with extended battery life and increased memory capacity for prolonged use. Featuring 8GB of storage and up to 180 hours of recording time, the Sting 5 Series can handle extended periods of use in the field while using its Voice Activation feature so the user doesn't miss anything the target is saying or doing. All recordings include a date and time stamp for simple review and file management. The Sting 5 can easily be concealed in a pocket, bag, desk drawer, or car. The Sting 5S comes in a black shrink wrapped cover to more easily disguise the device while in operation. The Sting 5 features the same compact design, while housing the device in a more resilient metal case. The Sting 5S+ offers the same features as the Sting 5, but comes with an even larger battery for more extensive use in the field.

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