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Video, Audio, Tracking & TSCM

IntellSig is a leading manufacturer and integrator of Miniature audio, video, tracking and TSCM systems. Our solutions offer the latest intelligence technologies for high performance and reliable operation. Professional team with more than 30 combined years of experience in technical intelligence departments and our research and development engineers, build special devices for our special clients.

We offer professional grade devices for law enforcement, intelligence organizations and professional clients around the world.
IntellSig continue to innovate and to be one of the leading companies in this domain.

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Computer Processor

What We Do?


IntellSig is positioned as a leading manufacturer of intelligence technologies for government, law enforcement, and military use. We work tirelessly to create new technologies to integrate into our line of products and improve the results our clients seek. IntellSig strives to create the best and most advanced intelligence technologies and provide our clients with the best options currently on the market.


IntellSig specializes in integrating our technologies into dynamic products. our clients can take into the field and collect the most important information needed for their investigations. Our lines of products use the latest technologies available in the industry to keep our clients on top of the ever-changing needs of today’s complex digital world.

Tailor Made

Every situation is unique. IntellSig works with our clients to fabricate the perfect solutions no matter the problem. Our engineers can integrate our technologies into whatever equipment is necessary for our clients to successfully fulfill their mission. IntellSig can come up with a custom-made solution made specifically to solve our client’s unique situations.

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